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United Methodist Communications invites you to rethink immigration with this package that includes a new 12-minute video (subtitled in Spanish) for you and your community.  The video features a true story about Jasmine, a Michigan teen who found solace in the United Methodist Church when the complications of immigration left her alone. The package also includes a trailer of the Jasmine video as well as bulletin graphics, bilingual invitation design, promotional poster designs and newspaper ads to help you advertise to your community. The package also offers an interactive PowerPoint that can help easily explain the process of immigration felt by a variety of migrants.

For more information on these materials you can click the links below:

Rethink Church – Immigration


UMC – The Church and Immigration

Immigration Myths: #3 “Immigrants don’t pay taxes”

In our third installment of our monthly look at immigration myths we look at the issues of taxes and public services used by immigrants. In a time when everything we hear on the news seems to be about the economy, we at JFON-SEMI thought this myth would be one worth exploring.

Immigrants, regardless of status pay some of the same taxes as citizens do, takes like, sales tax, real estate tax, and gasoline tax. Aviva Chomsky author of “THEY TAKE OUR JOBS!” makes this point at the very beginning of her chapter on this issue. She then goes on to make the distinction between the formal and informal economy.

The formal economy is the economy where federal and state income taxes or social security taxes are deducted from workers pay checks. Any job where this does not happen, a babysitter who is paid in cash, a house cleaner paid with a personal check and hundreds of other every day situations are considered part of the informal economy. Along with not paying those taxes imposed in the formal economy, those in the informal economy don’t have access to the worker protections such as minimum wage, unemployment insurance and workers compensation.

Chomsky writes “Many immigrants working in the formal economy, in which case they have all of the same tax deductions from their paychecks as citizens do. Undocumented immigrants who work in the formal economy generally do so by presenting false social security numbers.

This is an issue that can make many people angry when in fact the only one who really loses anything in this situation is the undocumented worker. This person pays all those taxes but  still has no access to the benefits of those in the formal economy.

“As of 2005, Chomsky writes, Social Security was receiving about $7 billion a year through false social security numbers-allowing it to break even, because that’s about the same amount as the difference between what it paid out in benefits and what it received in payroll taxes. According to the New York Times, ‘illegal immigrant workers in the United States are now providing the system with a subsidy of as much as $7 billion a year.’ Yet these workers will never be able to receive social security benefits.”

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